How to Reach Veselka

How to Reach

Route 1

  • From, Delhi continue on the Moradabad bypass - cross Rampur -cross rudrapur to reach haldwani & than kathgodam (also the last railway station).
  • Ranibagh-You now start the uphill drive and after a short drive you reach a fork , take right(down) road towards bhimtal.
  • Bhimtal- Now cross bhimtal as lake will be on your right side & continue on the road towards bhowali. After crossing bhimtal there is a petrol pump on your right,you can refill your petrol tank here if required, there is also one petrol pump in bhowali but that is slightly out of the way.
  • Bhowali-Soon after you reach bhowali, you reach a forked road. Take the sharp U-turn and continue on the road going down. Now look out for the small bridge on your right (with a small signboard says ‘Satkhol Ashram’ and take the right turn on it.
  • Malla ramgarh-Now you are on the road to malla ramgarh,reach malla-ramgarh cross market & than you start a downhill drive. After couple of minutes you will reach a forked road, read overhead signboard of nathuakhan.
  • Talla ramgarh-Continue towards down road one that goes to talla-ramgarh.
  • Nathuakhan-Now cross the iron bridge at talla-ramgarh after some time you will reach nathuakhan market.
  • Satoli-Cross the nathuakhan market and after a short drive you will reach satoli( ask there for satkhol ashram as it is a renowned place).
  • Satkhol- After some time you will reach to satkhol ashram gate on right side,you continue your journey to veselka on that road.

Route 2

  • From, Corbett national park-
    Kaladungi -Drive to kaladungi, as you reach there look for signboard turn left towards nainital.
  • Nainital- When you reach nainital cross the mall road and turn left to bhowali(ask someone)
  • Bhowali-Reach bhowali and turn right from market look for the children park on your left cross that and look for the bridge on your left (signboard of Satkhol Ashram).Now, after bhowali the route is same as Route -1.